About The Nerdy Bunch Computer Repair, LLC

I am the founder of The Nerdy Bunch Computer Repair, LLC in the Greater Cincinnati area established in the beginning of 2009. As a past dedicated employee of the (no longer existing) Circuit City, with 4 previous years of in-home installations as a Firedog Driver and Lead in-store technician, I then decided to venture out into this city to provide the same top-notch service I have always provided to a new customer base of my own for much lower prices than the local, larger competitors.

I believe that customer satisfaction should come first, and this is how I run my business. When you come to The Nerdy Bunch Computer Repair, LLC, you are treated as an individual (not just a number), and all work is guaranteed for 30 days after the receipt of your service.

I don't believe that people deserve to be "Nickel-and-Dimed" to death when their warrantee has run out, or that they have to invest yet even more money in a new computer.

My company's mission is to provide top notch service and products at more affordable prices than the local competitors. Check out our Price Comparison Chart.

Feel free to check around other places to compare prices. You'll see that we're one of the few who are up front with our prices and are the least expensive in the area for the service you need.

Yours Truly,

Joseph Simon